Save Money with Aqua Kem Green.

I recently went to purchase a 2 Litre container of Thetford Aqua Kem Green portable toilet additive from BCF in Sydney and found that it was $26.66. I think that is too high a price to pay for this product.

I decided to do a search on eBay and was fortunate to come across the seller called parksidetowbars1 who was offering 6 x 2 Litres of this waste tank chemical for $99 with free postage. The saving is $60.99 over a 6 bottle purchase at the retail price.

I personally prefer to use the Thetford Aqua Kem Green as in my experience it works very well and is environmentally friendly.

If you wish to make a similar purchase on eBay just click here.

As a disclaimer I wish to make it clear that I earn no commissions for promoting this eBay seller. I gave them five stars across all parameters because they delivered the goods on time as promised and in excellent condition.

GPS System for Caravanners

Greg from Camps and Vans writes:

For the most comprehensive list of Camp Sites, Caravan Parks & Dump Sites (POI’s) for your GPS & PC (for programs such as Map Source, Base Camp, Memory Map, Ozi Explorer etc) have a browse of my web site

Not only do we have nearly 8,000 POI’s but we also have photos, facilities, brochures, maps & notes etc (where available) on each POI, as well as links back to the corresponding POI on Caravan Park Photos.

Also listed are Hyperlinks to the corresponding POI on the 4 major franchise caravan park operators, Badgers Caravan Park Reports, Tourist Park Guide, each states Caravan Park Association and State National Parks listing.

Please mention Caravan Park Photos to get a discount.

Creating travel videos on the move.

I recently added a fascinating YouTube video to a page I created for Colac Caravan Parks.

The video was created by Nate whose YouTube channel is rndom8 and I wrote and asked him how he managed to fix the video camera to the front of his vehicle. Nate replied as follows:

“I use a mount that on one end has a thread that will screw into the base of my camera. The other end has a clamp which I attach to the safety bar on the dash, on the passenger side of my vehicle. You can also get suction mounts that you can attach to windows.

The camera mount that he uses the most is the ‘Ultra Mount for Lipstick Camera & POV RRMUC’ which he purchased from

I attach it to the safety bar or Jesus bar on the passenger side of my 4WD.

If you need any more info let me know and I will try to help any way I can.”

You can see the video below. Nice work Nate!

Please tell us if you have set up something similar for your vehicle or caravan.

Picture High Quality Art in your Motorhome or Fifth Wheeler.

While it may not be feasible to hang high quality art in your caravan it could be a serious option for motorhomes or fifth wheelers.

We have recently added our first listing of art works on Caravan Park Photos by Narelle Telford from Northern NSW.

“Painting is my Passion!” says Narelle, “My paintings are a celebration of this wonderful earth. The emotional feelings I get from the subject matter are of prime importance to my finished work, creating the nuance, which results in a dynamic and shifting diversity. I usually work in a series, and my paintings are sometimes realistic, contemporary or abstract and often the interpretation of the subject matter can be left to the viewer”.

We would be interested to hear from anyone who has hung paintings in their mobile home.

Landscape by Narelle Telford
Landscape by Narelle Telford

Narelle will be holding an exhibition of her work at Lake Russell Gallery Sapphire NSW on Saturday 9th October from 3pm to 5pm. You are cordially invited to attend.

GREY NOMAD 101 – the “How to do it” caravanning DVD

Photo by Grey Nomad 101 DVD
Photo by Grey Nomad 101 DVD

For new chums through to old-timers, this DVD is packed full of tips, tricks, traps and great ideas that are bound to save you time and money. Around 4 hours of entertaining and informative material based on Sid and Sandie’s experiences and mistakes. Plus beautiful footage of some of the best spots in Australia they have visited, guaranteed to get you itching to hit the road. Click here to see sample photos that provide you with a taste of the stunning images and practical information contained in this DVD. Recommended viewing before purchasing a rig or setting up an existing one.

If you think you’d like this DVD, or if you’re just looking for a really unique gift idea that’s great value for money (and actually useful!), then visit the website at

NOTE: When purchasing through the website, please enter promotional code “cparkphotos” without the quotes, lower case. This will earn you a small discount, as well as letting Sid and Sandie know that you found them on Caravan Park Photos.