An Alternative to Rebuilding After Flooding, Fire or Cyclone Damage

Australia has witnessed widespread destruction of property, and tragically of life, as a result of natural events such as flooding, storm damage, cyclones or fire.

The task of rebuilding can be heartbreaking and made more difficult for those who are doing it for the second or third time.

The following alternative will not appeal to everyone but it some readers might find it appealing.

The one asset that generally retains its value after a natural disaster is the land. An alternative to rebuilding is to sell the land, add insurance payouts where applicable and to use the funds to purchase a motorhome, fifth wheeler or caravan.

Alternatively retain the land and set up a power pole (the same or similar to those used by caravan parks) and maintain a water connection. Garbage services will still be available and dump points can be used to dispose of waste.

One of the great benefits of a mobile home is that it can be moved away from any impending weather threat and placed in an area of safety.

Admittedly the available living space is much less than a conventional house but much easier to maintain and clean.

The mobile home means you have the option to travel or remain in your local community.

In my travels I have met many people who have sold and or rented their house and are using their mobile home as permanent accommodation. Those who have done this are full of praise for the freedom and more flexible lifestyle that the mobile accommodation provides.

If you live in a mobile home then I would welcome your comments on the pros and cons.

Business Listing Service Launched on Caravan Park Photos website

Any business providing goods or services to the caravanning community may now display information and photos on the Caravan Park Photos website.

The Business Listing Service was launched in February 2010 and users of the site will now have an opportunity to see photos of caravans, motorhomes and associated accessories. The service will also promote the location and photos of companies that provide caravan repairs and servicing.

If you decide to join the service this is what you will receive:

1. We set up a listing page for you similar to the one for ABCO Caravan Sales Service Repairs Your listing page may contain up to 30 photos. You have the option to purchase additional listing pages if you so desire.

2. The most important thing we do is to send you leads and enquiries. With over 35,000 site visitors a month this is assured;

3. We create a hyperlink to your website from your listing page;

4. We list all relevant contact details such as telephone, fax, mobile;

5. We create a Submit Enquiry button which enables our users to send you a purchase order or request for information via email;

6. You have complete control over how your business is described in the listing;

7. You can update your photos free of charge up to six times a year;

8. If you have a YouTube video it can be added to your listing;

9. Your business is listed on the front page of our website in the Caravan Park Photos Business Listings table;

10. We give you access to our Caravan Park Photos Blog and you can add up to 52 news item a year about your products and services. We will turn these contributions into blog posts and automatically post them to Twitter;

11. We provide an initial 5,000 page impressions of run-of-site advertising with the option for you to buy more should you so desire;

Click here to promote your business to thousands of enthusiastic caravanners.

Packing Cartons at Coffs Harbour $1.00 – $2.00 per unit

The Coffs Harbour Nursing Centre has a supply of packing cartons which are ideal for people who are either in the process of moving or are planning to move.

Please contact Rodney on: 0408 461 479 if you would like more information.

The cartons are in good condition as you can see from the photos below.

Packing Cartons at Coffs Harbour $1.00 - $2.00 per unit
Packing Cartons at Coffs Harbour $1.00 - $2.00 per unit
Packing Cartons at Coffs Harbour $1.00 - $2.00 per unit
Packing Cartons at Coffs Harbour $1.00 - $2.00 per unit

Welcome to the Caravan Park Photos Blog

This blog was added to the Caravan Park Photos website on 21st May 2009 and kindly installed by my good friend Bill Burdin of The Internet School.

You can participate in this blog in a number of ways:

1. Add your comments to blog posts;

2. Submit articles about your travels and caravanning experiences;

3. Send me photos for inclusion in the blog;

4. Send me links to YouTube Videos that you think should be added.

5. Anything else that you feel would add value to visitors using the site.

I will try to post regular articles and look forward to your participation.