The sun is shining at Bellinger River Tourist Park, Repton NSW

Tracey from Bellinger River Tourist Park writes:

“The main topic of conversation on the Mid North Coast at the moment is the weather… We have had a lot of rain over the last 48 hours but thankfully we were spared the horrendous conditions experienced further north. We would like to pass on our thanks to all the friends of the park who have called to check that we are still above water. I am very pleased to report that the Bellinger River was never in any danger of flooding this time around and today we have woken up to a bright and sunny day. We are still very wet underfoot but being on the river flats we will dry out in no time at all.

Everything is fresh and green and the waterfalls will be spectacular at the moment. The fishermen already have their lines back in the water hoping that the fish will be hungry!”

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