Creating travel videos on the move.

I recently added a fascinating YouTube video to a page I created for Colac Caravan Parks.

The video was created by Nate whose YouTube channel is rndom8 and I wrote and asked him how he managed to fix the video camera to the front of his vehicle. Nate replied as follows:

“I use a mount that on one end has a thread that will screw into the base of my camera. The other end has a clamp which I attach to the safety bar on the dash, on the passenger side of my vehicle. You can also get suction mounts that you can attach to windows.

The camera mount that he uses the most is the ‘Ultra Mount for Lipstick Camera & POV RRMUC’ which he purchased from

I attach it to the safety bar or Jesus bar on the passenger side of my 4WD.

If you need any more info let me know and I will try to help any way I can.”

You can see the video below. Nice work Nate!

Please tell us if you have set up something similar for your vehicle or caravan.

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