Caravanning Trip Planner

The Easy Way to Plan a Trip Around Australia


Planning a caravan trip around Australia can be exhausting and time consuming. It can involve pouring over lots of maps and looking at literally hundreds of websites to find accommodation and relevant photos and information.

The good news it that it just got a whole easier with the Caravan Park Photos Trip Planner. The Trip Planner works in conjunction with the Caravan Park Photos website which has 26,915 images of caravan parks, free camping locations and campgrounds. There is information on 2,844 caravan parks which means that your planning can take place in one location with independent reviews and assessments of the places you plan to go.

The really good news is that the Caravan Park Photos Trip Planner makes it a dream to put all of this information together into an Itinerary which can be printed online or downloaded as a PDF file to share with your friends and family.

Our users rave about the Planner as you can see from the following comments:

What a great trip planner….I am currently playing around with it planning a trip to Tibooburra and Camerons Corner NSW. It certainly saves a great deal of time and as we travel with a group usually…I will be able to e-mail all with updated outlines as the trip is developed etc. It works in well with Camps 6 information.Roger Sando, Secretary Steel City Sportfishing Club.

The Trip Planner makes the planning less daunting, very helpful and quite exciting.Michelle J Roberts.

We can absolutely guarantee that this remarkable Trip Planner will save you hours and hours of work. You can get an instant overview of how it works by viewing the video below.

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