Nords Wharf Holiday Park at Nords Wharf NSW

Nords Wharf is a rural locality south of Swansea on the shore of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia.

If you have visited any caravan, tourist or holiday park in or near Nords Wharf we would welcome your comments, reviews or photos. If you own or manage a caravan park in or near Nords Wharf NSW and you are not listed on our site then please list for free.

If you live in or have visited Nords Wharf then we would like to receive your reviews of activities and facilities that would be suitable for tourists and holiday makers.

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Gidley Caravan Park – Gidley NSW

Gidley is a small rural community adjacent to the Peel River in the New England area of NSW not far from Manilla.

As far as we can tell their is no caravan, holiday or tourist park in Gidley. If there is a caravan park in Gidley we would welcome photos and information from the owner or resident managers so that our users can view the park and factor it in to their travels.

If there is no Caravan Park in Gidley then we would like to hear from rural or residential owners who are able to provide powered sites and amenities for caravans and motorhomes and at what price.

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