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The school holidays are in full swing at Ocean Beach Holiday Park and all the kids are enjoying our Kids Korner activities!! Check out our program here!

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Campsite Cooking

So, you’re toying with the idea of heading out into the great outdoors? Or, perhaps you’ve just bought an amazing off road caravan that you simply cannot wait to use? Well, if you’ve never spent much time camping and cooking then I can assure you you’ve come to the right place to find some great tips on making your camp cooking all the more enjoyable.

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There are of course many reasons why it’s advisable to choose an off road caravan with a built-in kitchen, but perhaps the most important reason is because it means that you’re less likely to start a bush fire. Seeing that we’re on the subject of fires, don’t forget to inspect all your gas lines before you head off. Obviously if you’ve just purchased a brand new off road caravan then there’s really not much need for you to worry about this. However, on some of the older models, it’s always a good idea to use a spray bottle with some soapy water in order to check for gas leaks. You can simply spray the solution over the pipes and then look to see if there are any bubbles appearing. Of course, if you do see some bubbles, then you’ll have to bleed the lines so that you can inspect all the connections and tighten them if required. On the other hand, if you don’t see any bubbles then you’re all set to go.

One of the most important things you need to take into consideration when you head out in your caravan is food preservation. This is particularly important if you plan to be away for any length of time, and in that case, you should ideally consider using a food sealing unit in order to package meat and other foods. Not only do these vacuum sealers remove excess air, but they also help to retain moisture. Additionally, when you’re away camping, you want to have as much time as possible to yourself, so you may also want to spend some time planning your meals beforehand. In other words, foods such as meat should be seasoned and vacuum packed a few days before your intended date of departure. Fortunately, a good off road caravan will almost always have a built in fridge which you can stock up just before you’re ready to leave.

Of course if your caravan doesn’t have a fridge then you’ll need to make do with a cooler. In fact, you should seriously consider using more than one so that you can keep certain foods separated. For example, you could use one cooler for things such as water, soda pop, sandwich fillers, and other odds and ends. The second cooler on the other hand could be used for all those things you’ll need once you start cooking, such as ground beef, steaks, burgers, and etc.

Generally speaking, when you load your camper or caravan you should work according to the golden rule, in that things that go in first should come out last. It’s also a good idea to separate various layers of perishables with a bit of cubed or crushed ice. Once all your meat has been packed in the cooler you can add some dry ice on the top. Of course you should continue doing this as you work your way down through your supplies. Also, once you park your off road caravan at the chosen a site, you should always try to keep your coolers in the coolest area you can find and, in order to try and make the ice last as long as possible, you should avoid opening the coolers during the hottest time of day.

Most important of all is the fact that campsite cooking should be great fun and providing you follow a few of these tips, going away in a off road caravan will leave you with many long lasting memories.


Campsite Cooking
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