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Save Money with Aqua Kem Green.

I recently went to purchase a 2 Litre container of Thetford Aqua Kem Green portable toilet additive from BCF in Sydney and found that it was $26.66. I think that is too high a price to pay for this product.

I decided to do a search on eBay and was fortunate to come across the seller called parksidetowbars1 who was offering 6 x 2 Litres of this waste tank chemical for $99 with free postage. The saving is $60.99 over a 6 bottle purchase at the retail price.

I personally prefer to use the Thetford Aqua Kem Green as in my experience it works very well and is environmentally friendly.

If you wish to make a similar purchase on eBay just click here.

As a disclaimer I wish to make it clear that I earn no commissions for promoting this eBay seller. I gave them five stars across all parameters because they delivered the goods on time as promised and in excellent condition.