Free Camping Samples


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We call places where you can stay for free as Stay and Rest areas.  There is no problem with you staying and resting at these locations particularly if you are fatigued or need a break. If you decide to stay overnight then it is entirely at your own risk. 

The links below will provide samples of two Stay and Rest locations as well as the associated photographs.  We have photo sets for more than 100 stay and rest locations mainly along the eastern coast of Australla.  More are being added all the time.

Explore these sample pages:

Bruxner Park Road via Coffs Harbour NSW

Jordan Esplanade Coffs Harbour NSW 

Guidelines for Free Camping:

  1. Do thorough research on the area to determine if others have been able to camp safely in the location;
  2. Check forums for additional information particularly the Grey Nomads Forum. Join the forum and engage in discussion sharing your experience with those of others.  Don't be afraid to ask a question and the members of this forum are very friendly and helpful;
  3. Free camping in residential areas should only be undertaken if you will not disturb local residents and have plenty of room to park away from traffic hazards;
  4. Develop a strategy for quickly moving on if you feel in danger.  Motorhome owners have the added advantage of being able to stay within the vehicle and move away if any danger is present.  Tent camping is much more hazardous and should only be undertaken in well established campgrounds;
  5. As a first resort use your common sense.  For example, staying overnight in a densely forested area in high fire danger periods defies common sense;
  6. Many hotels in smaller towns welcome free campers who invariably dine and socialise in the pub.  Places like this are ideal so please let us know of your experiences.