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We are just surveying our guests to see where they research caravan parks – so far we have 131 responses of which 34.9% said they use your site.
Tracey Patterson, Bellinger River Tourist Park, Repton NSW.

The Caravan Park Photos website receives over 50,000 unique visitors a month seeking caravan park accommodation and this adds up to an impressive 600,000 unique visitors a year.

In brief this is what we do for you:

    1. The most important thing we do is to send you accommodation enquiries. With over 50,000 site visitors a month this is assured;

    2. By creating a listing page for your park we can introduce your area and your park to an entirely new audience of caravanners who may have never heard of you;

    3. On your listing page you can have up to 30 photos of your park and these can be updated up to 6 times a year;

    4. You have complete control over how your park is described in the listing and all your contact details (including a link to your website are) are included. Click here to see a sample Gold Members page;
    5. Your park is listed on the front page of our website in the Gold Member Caravan Parks table with a link directly to your listing page. This is reason enough in itself to become a Gold Member because a front page link on our home page will greatly enhance your status on our site and indirectly increase traffic to your listing page;

    6. You can send us up to 52 news item a year about your park and we will turn these into blog posts and add them to Twitter;

How much does it cost and how do I apply?

The Gold Member Caravan Park Service described above costs $295 per year and there are no restrictions or limitations on the number of bookings you can receive.

You can discontinue the service at any time but we are optimistic that the bookings you receive will make this a very sound investment.

If you wish to proceed with the service then please complete the order form below and we will set up the service on your listing page and send you an invoice for payment within 30 days.


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YES - please provide me with the Gold Member Caravan Park Service described on this page. I understand that Caravan Park Photos will contact me to determine the correct URLs of the links that will be provided and will explain the benefits I will receive through regular promotion. I understand that I will receive an invoice for $295 sent to my Billing Address and that this invoice will be paid within 30 days and entitles me to unlimited enquiries and booking requests for one year plus all of the additional promotional benefits explained on this page. The Caravan Parks Photos website is owned by Townsend International Pty Ltd.