Grey Nomad 101 - Caravanning around Australia DVD by Sid and Sandie NSW

For new chums through to old-timers, this DVD is packed full of tips, tricks, traps and great ideas that are bound to save you time and money. Around 4 hours of entertaining and informative material based on Sid and Sandie’s experiences and mistakes. Plus beautiful footage of some of the best spots in Australia they have visited, guaranteed to get you itching to hit the road. The photos on this page provide you with a taste of the stunning images and practical information contained in this DVD. Recommended viewing before purchasing a rig or setting up an existing one.
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Photos on this page were supplied by Grey Nomad 101 DVD in September 2010.
GREY NOMAD 101 is the result of several years of on-the-road learning. Sid and Sandie did their homework for 2 years before buying their first caravan, and still got it wrong. Now, many mistakes and nearly 100,000km later, it’s all documented in this “warts and all” DVD that exposes just what is involved with getting into the world of caravanning.
If you’re just getting into it for the first time, then it’s essential viewing before you go spending any money, as it covers many of the questions you should ask and things you need to know before you even decide what rig to buy.
And then, once you’ve got the rig, the next daunting task is deciding how to equip it, what to take with you, and what to expect out there on the road.
Even if you’ve been caravanning for years, you’ll more than likely get many new ideas, while chortling quietly at Sid’s laconic, laid-back presentation. In the longest segment of the DVD, he drags everything out of his caravan hatches, even his tool kit, explaining what each item is for. Complimenting this is a computer spreadsheet on the disk listing those items – you can modify it for yourself.
He talks you through a typical caravan electrical system, building up the wiring diagram step by step to take some of the mystery out of how components such as batteries, solar power, chargers and inverters all go together.
What about communications on the road, or how to handle corrugations on gravel? What’s the best thing to do when you find that trail of ants leading into your van?
There’s even a section on digital and video photography – just a few basic but essential steps that will guarantee your trip memories are beautifully preserved.
On top of all this is wonderful footage of some of Australia’s best scenery and wildlife, just to get your juices flowing.

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