Tocumwal NSW - Tocumwal NSW

Tocumwal is located on the northern bank of the Murray River, 694 km south-west of Sydney and can be reached by the Newell Highway. The population of the town is 1,500 and the area has many scenic attractions. In short, it is a beautiful NSW country town.
The name Tocumwal derives from the aboriginal word tucumvia which literally means a deep hole something like the Blow Hole on the Pacific Ocean at Kiama.
Tocumwal is considered prime agricultural land fertilised over the years by silt from the Murray. Wheat, oats and many types of cereals are grown as well as livestock in the form of pigs, cattle and horses.
Tocumwal's main tourist attraction and claim to fame is the giant airfield which was used during the year as a base for US heavy bombers. At its prime the airfield had over 400 buildings and more than 100 kilometres of runway and apron. In 1944 at the height of the war five and half thousand airforce personnel lived in the area.

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