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Now is a very good time to visit Bowen in Queensland


Craig and Donna from Queens Beach Tourist Village in Bowen sent this news update:

You have all heard the phrase ‘The rains are comin’ ma‘. Well they have now thankfully all finished up here in Bowen, North Queensland.

Last week alone we received over 700mm of rain. Bowen itself had escaped much of the torrential, flooding rain over the summer months, as we usually do, even though this year’s rainfall was much higher than recent years.

The lawns and parks are looking an absolute treat though.

With the rains gone, there has been a substantial drop in temperature
already and the sun is a pleasure to be in.

Walking along the shores of Queens Beach on day break is just magic at the moment, as the photograph above shows.

Is it any wonder so many people love coming to Bowen, to enjoy the
tranquillity of a small town surrounded by the beauty of our beaches?

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